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LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY: This minimally invasive technique involves placing a small lighted scope into the abdomen to examine the internal organs. This allows our surgeons to examine the extent of disease or confirm a diagnosis, and then perform the actual surgery via this technique.


Common laparoscopic procedures we perform are:

  • Appendectomy
  • Biopsy of Solid Organs or Tissues
  • Gallbladder and Biliary Tract Surgery

  • Gastrointestinal Surgery

  • Hernia Repair

  • Splenectomy​

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ROBOTIC SURGERY: This minimally invasive technique  utilizes advanced, robotic technologies to assist your surgeon with your operation. The robot does not act on its own and its movements are controlled by your surgeon. Robotic surgery provides most patients with shorter hospital stays, fewer complications and a faster recovery.


COLON & RECTAL PROCEDURES: From screenings through surgery and recovery, our specialists help patients with painful colon and rectal conditions.

Common colon & rectal procedures we perform are:

  • Colonoscopy Screenings

  • Anorectal Surgery

    • Hemorrhoids​

    • Perirectal or Pilonidal Abcesses

    • Fistulas or Fissures

  • Colon/Large Bowel Resections

  • Ostomy

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Colon & Rectal Surgery

HEMORRHOID TREATMENT: Using a new technology called the HET™ bipolar system, your surgeon is able to treat small and medium sized internal hemorrhoids. Using a combination of gentle tissue compression and mild heat, hemorrhoids are treated in the area where the human body doesn’t feel much pain. To produce mild heat, the HET system uses well-accepted and safe energy form called bipolar radiofrequency. The temperature of the treatment area is monitored on the specially designed display, so your surgeon can exactly control the treatment temperature.

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With the HET System, the treatment of hemorrhoids usually:

  • Is well tolerated, without the need for general or local anesthesia.

  • Results in no significant discomfort or pain following treatment.

  • Takes 8-12 seconds on average to treat one hemorrhoid. All hemorrhoids can be treated in one visit.

  • Results in rapid recovery. Most patients return to work and routine activities immediately after treatment.


SKIN SURGERY: Surgical treatment may be recommended to treat a number of conditions that affect the skin, and many conditions that affect the skin can appear in any region of the body. Grand Blanc Surgical Specialist offers surgical treatment for not only benign conditions of the skin such as cysts, lipomas, and skin lesions but

also for melanoma and other types of skin cancer.


Common skin procedures:

  • Cyst Removal

  • Skin Lesion Removal

  • Moles

  • Fatty Tumors

  • Abscesses

Skin Surgery

OTHER COMMON PROCEDURES: Our surgical specialists evaluate and treat a full range of complex surgical problems using state-of-the-art technology.


  • Carpal Tunnel Release

  • Circumcision (infant and adult)

  • Lumpectomy/Mastectomy

  • Port placement/Removal

  • Therapuetic Injections

  • Vasectomy

  • Wound Care & Wound Repair

Other Common Procedures
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